COVID Vaccination


You may have heard that we are involved in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Eligibility criteria are determined by NHS England and we do not have any discretion to invite patients outside this.

Please do not contact the surgery to ask if you can be considered for early vaccination as this is not something about which we have any discretion.

If you have not been invited yet you will be invited at the appropriate time depending on your level of risk and availability of the vaccine, the full roll-out of the vaccine is likely to take many months.

Vaccination Passports

Your vaccine record ("passport") should now be visible via the NHS App.

Please do not contact the surgery if you have a query about this this is outside our control.


Please be aware that there are several scams in circulation offering COVID vaccine booking. We are currently booking vaccine clinics by phone, we intend to start offering SMS invitations soon and will put further information here in due course to help you confirm these are genuine.

NHS vaccinations are FREE OF CHARGE - any SMS claiming to be offering vaccination and asking for your bank details is fraudulent.