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NHS Digital
15th Jun 2021

GPDPR (Update)

The implementation date for General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) service has been moved to 1 September 2021.

The deadline has been put back due to concerns having been raised that patients had not been given adequate time to give or refuse consent (as per our post below). The plan from NHS Digital is to continue exactly as before but with a short delay.

Please see the short video below if you would like further information about GPDPR.

NHS Digital
8th Jun 2021

General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR)

NHS Digital has been collecting data from GPs through its trusted General Practice Extraction Service. This system is now being replaced with their new General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) service, a broader general-purpose collection which will enable faster access to pseudonymised patient data for planners and researchers.

More detailed information can be found via NHS Digital, including the process of how you can opt out. Please note that there are two different opt outs which you need to be aware of: Type 1 opt-out (opting out of NHS Digital collecting your data - this requires a form to be completed and returned to the practice) and Type 2 (National Data) opt-out (opting out of NHS Digital sharing your data - this can be done online via the NHS website or app - see below).

Data collection will now start on 1st September 2021; if you do not want your data shared with NHS Digital this should be done by returning the Type 1 form above to your GP practice for processing at least a week prior to this date.   

You can also undertake the Type 2 Opt Out via the NHS App.

If you have the NHS App you are able to view and change your preference in the NHS App:

  1. Go to Your health
  2. Select Choose if data from your health and care records is shared for planning and research.
  3. Select Make your choice.
  4. Review the information on the page, then select Start now.
  5. View your preference, then select Change if you want to change it.
  6. Update your choice, then select Submit.

You can also visit

25th May 2021

"If I die, it will be your fault"

The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) has recently launched a national campaign to highlight how much abuse GP receptionists are exposed to, and end all abuse towards general practice staff

The majority of GP Practice Staff (78%) facing threatening behaviour, racist or sexist abuse from patients, and 83% reporting having called the police for help. In this video, GP receptionists share the abuse they have experienced first hand. All have been frontline key workers during the pandemic.

Whilst many people are feeling frustrated at the moment, it is NEVER acceptable to be rude to or abuse any of our staff. We will have no hesitation to remove any patient who subjects our staff to abuse from our practice list.