Attending the surgery during the pandemic

Attending the surgery - keeping you safe

We are working very hard to ensure we offer the best possible care to all our patients during these difficult times.

We are taking all possible precautions to ensure our patients, many of whom are vulnerable, only have to attend in person where this is clinically needed. We want to keep the surgery safe for those people who do need to attend for non-COVID related matters.

Reducing the numbers of people coming to the surgery unnecessarily will help reduce the spread of this virus, and we have taken measures to ensure this. This is for your safety, and the safety of our community.

You MUST NOT come down to the surgery unless you have been explicitly asked to do so by a member of our clinical team. Patients turning up uninvited will be told to leave immediately as they may be putting vulnerable patients at risk.

If you are asked to attend, please follow the instructions you are given on which ZONE to come to, where to wait and how to check in.

When you attend the surgery only the patient will be allowed in unless you are accompanying a child (one parent/guardian) or the patient needs a carer or interpreter.

Face coverings

All adult patients visiting the Surgery will be asked to wear face masks or face coverings.

Patients who have been asked to attend in person who come to the surgery without an appropriate face covering (i.e covering mouth and nose) may be asked to rebook.

Please note: we are not able to provide letters to exempt people from these new regulations on wearing face coverings in public. For the vast majority of people, there is no medical reason which would prohibit them from wearing one, it is more likely you are just not accustomed to it. However, see here if you feel you require exemption. 

Phone consultations

We are conducting all our consultations by phone in the first instance.

If we agree that an examination is required, we will arrange this with you when we speak to you.

Your consultation will be completely confidential just as it would be if you were at the surgery.

If you are offered a phone call from a member of the clinical team, we cannot be specific about exactly when this will be. Please ensure you have your phone switched on with the volume on full so that you do not miss your call, and that you are somewhere that you are able to speak to us without being overheard.

Routine services

We are making every effort to reinstate routine services (such as cervical smears, joint injections, minor surgery) where these can be done safely. To help us achieve this, please follow any instructions you are given. Some services including spirometry and ear syringing are not possible at the current time and will remain under review.