Pain management

The community pain service deals with all forms of chronic pain, including musculoskeletal (muscles, bones and joints), neurological (nervous system), internal organs and unexplained pain.

Dorset Pain Management Service is the service we can refer you to which aims to help you learn new skills to help manage your pain. Much of what they do is non-medical - because the solution to pain is not to take higher and higher doses of painkillers.

There is good evidence that high doses of painkillers are not effective and carry significant risks. There is also good evidence that non-medical approaches can be very effective at helping people manage their pain. These also include:

  • self-management strategies
  • psychological therapy and counselling
  • physical therapy to improve fitness and mobility
  • complementary treatments, such as TENS clinics, meditation and relaxation
  • group-based pain management programmes.

Please watch the video below.