Long Term Conditions

Our approach to Long Term Conditions

We take a personalised, comprehensive and structured approach to helping you manage your long-term conditions at TMC.

We will schedule your annual review for the month of your birthday, this means you will always know when this will be.  We will ask you to gather as much of the relevant information as possible before your review with the nurse or doctor, so that you can get the most out of it. This might include asking you to fill in a questionnaire about your asthma or monitor your blood pressure at home.

We will send you a letter (or SMS/email if appropriate) just before your birthday month with details of how you can help prepare for your annual review.

Some conditions, especially diabetes, may require further check-ups (e.g. blood tests) in between these reviews, this will depend on how well-controlled your condition is.

Preparing for your annual Long Term Condition (LTC) review

If you have hypertension (high blood pressure), Diabetes, COPD or asthma, you can fill in an online questionnaire before you come to your review which will help it run more smoothly and gives you an opportunity to flag up in advance any areas which you may need more help with.

Please click here to complete a questionnaire online to help with your annual review - if you have more than one of these conditions, you should complete all the ones which apply to you.

BP Machine

Checking your own blood pressure at home

High blood pressure is one of the key risks for heart disease and strokes, especially if you have diabetes. The best way for you to measure your blood pressure is to do it yourself at home and you can do this with a machine that costs under £20 and should last for many years.

Everyone who is on medication for high blood pressure, problems with their heart or circulation or has diabetes should have one at home.

You can download instructions on how to record your blood pressure here, or link to eConsult to submit the readings online here